Spiderman Cgc Stan

Merveille (1/7)

  • 1984 Marvel Amazing Spider-man #252 Cgc 9.4 Nm Signé Par Stan Lee (1er Costume Noir)
  • Spider-man Incroyable #45, Cgc 7.0, Bande Dessinée Marvel De L'âge D'argent (1967)
  • Édition Commémorative Marvel Amazing Spider-man #1a Cgc 9.8 Ss Stan Lee 1176991014
  • Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-man #169 Cgc 7.5 Apparition De Stan Lee Lettre De Frank Miller
  • Marvel Incroyable Spider-man (1969) #71 Quickilver App Stan Lee + J Romita Cgc 7.0
  • 1963 Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-man 4 Cgc 0,5 1ère Apparition De Sandman Silver Age, Ow<br/><br/>(note: "ow" Is Not Translated As It Likely Refers To The Comic's Page Quality, Which Is A Common Grading Term In The Comic Book Industry)
  • 1984 Marvel Amazing Spider-man #252 Cgc 9.4 Nm Signé Stan Lee (1er Costume Noir)
  • Spider-man étonnant N°45 Cgc 8.5 Marvel 1967 3ème Apparition Du Lézard Stan Lee
  • Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-man #2 Cgc Ss 9.8 Signé Stan Lee<br/><br/>(note: "cgc Ss 9.8" Refers To The Condition Of The Comic Book, And "signé Stan Lee" Means "signed By Stan Lee")
  • Spider-man Tue L'univers Marvel
  • Marvel L'incroyable Spider-man #1 1oz. 999 Feuille D'argent Cgc10 Feuille Cert# Varie
  • Marvel Amazing Spider-man (1966) #38 2nd Mary Jane Cameo Stan Lee +ditko Cgc 5.5<br/>le Titre En Français Est : Marvel Amazing Spider-man (1966) #38 2e Caméo De Mary Jane Stan Lee + Ditko Cgc 5.5
  • 1970 Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-man Annual 7 Signature De Stan Lee Cgc 9.4
  • Marvel Dr. Strange 179 Cgc Ss Signé Stan Lee Cumberbatch Garfield Spider-man<br/><br/>note: "cgc Ss" Refers To Certified Guaranty Company Signature Series, Which Is A Certification For A Comic Book Signed By A Celebrity Or Creator.